Zap Contact™: Dr Bill's proprietary email marketing platform

Email marketing is by far the most popular usage of Dr Bill's real estate agent lists. If you do it right, email is quite simply the most cost-effective means of grabbing new leads and customers. Often, all it takes is ONE sale to pay back the cost of a single email blast. Compare that to any other advertising and you'll quickly realize how potent this weapon is.

Direct email marketing requites 2 things:

  • An email list that is accurate and targeted to reduce bounces and spam complaints
  • An email service provider (ESP) to broadcast your offer to each person on the list.

    Dr Bill has been providing reliable, accurate real estate agent email lists since 2006.

    Unfortunately, many customers struggle to use their list effectively because most mainstream ESPs (MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, etc) restrict the usage of purchased lists due to concerns over high bounce and spam complaint rates. Additionally, they may require you to "clean" your list using their email verification service - an additional cost.

    Well Dr Bill has now solved that problem with it's new proprietary ESP - Zap Contact™!

    What makes Zap Contact different?

  • Zap Contact can only be used by Dr Bill customers.
  • Zap Contact will only use lists purchased from a Dr Bill list site ( and
  • Zap Contact provides custom guidance with email and landing page design.

    By using only Dr Bill lists and guiding the email design process, we can guarantee low bounce rates and reduce the likelihood of spam complaints, thereby staying in the good graces of our SMTP service providers.

    Furthermore, Dr Bill has over 10 years' experience sending tens of millions of emails across thousands of campaigns for customers.

    So What's Included?

    Email server set up, IP address, and sender domain name.

    Custom design of your email to ensure it is responsive and looks great on all devices.

    An account manager to provide marketing support to ensure you are reaching your goals.

    So What Does It Cost?

  • One Time Set Up $200
  • A Penny Per Email
  • Discounts on Bulk Sending
  • No Minimums Required - Pay As You Go

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  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    "Working with Zap Contact has been a pleasure. They have opened up new marketing avenues for us to grow our business. Their creative design and marketing skills are top notch."
    - Steve Radespiel
    Insurance Center of NJ

    "I have been using Zap Contact's e-mail service for the past six months. The response has been very good. They helped me test subject lines and create engaging content to grow my business. We have now increased to a nationwide campaign for our loan officers."
    - Jeff Stanger
    Stated Income Group

    "Robert and his team are incredibly helpful throughout the whole project, start to finish. Thanks to the pros we are enjoying the fruits of a successful campaign. Thanks for making it so easy!"-

    Jon Hartley
    PurAir Environmental